IKO at the Highline in Cap Hill

Secret Dog.

Doggone at the Highline on Cap Hill

London at the Highline on Cap Hill

King of the Road. Highline on Cap hill

FBI at the Timmi fund raiser.

Something. 2013 Studio 7

Ska Fest 2012 (FBI)

Ska fest 2012 (Pussy Go Ska)

Ska Fest 2012 (Valerie)

Free bird

Another view of Freebird

Good Time.
New 4Stop video
Recent show SKA Fest 2009
Natalie Wouldn't King of the Road

Temper Temper Folklife 2009

Merry Christmas from Natalie Wouldn't

Various Show Vids

Natalie Wouldn't at Folklife 08 special thanks to Chris for shooting the video.
Stop at the Folk life Festival 08 thanks to Chris
Doggone at Folk life 08 thanks to Chris
Vidoe of Natalie Wouldn't at El Carazon
Video from our Hollywood trip
Mike and Shawn having fun in Hollywood
Night at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood
Natalie Wouldn't on stage at the Knitting Factory

Our Fans

What our Fans say
Today, a day at home alone, in my home office purging piles of papers and filing adult shit I’m supposed to keep, I was looking for something new to listen to. So I bought this entire album on iTunes. (Can you retire now?) I have now listened to it three times in a row. (It’s on repeat on iTunes and I’m buried in paperwork and never seem to walk to the computer which is in a different room when it starts over.) Pretty damn good Mike. Whose voice am I listening to on the lead vocals? I particularly like the songs: 1. Who’s Sorry 4. One of those days 5. London 6. I Hate You - How can you not like a song that clocks in under two minutes? Plus it’s catchy! I give it a “35” ! ! ! [And if you understand that reference you’ll know how I’ve really dated myself 7. F.B.I. - “Al’s a man who lives a life of danger!” Hey you stole the opening of Secret Agent Man ! (Or is it sampling or a homage?) I always loved that song. 8. The End 9. Doggone 10. Dick Well that’s most of them now isn’t it? I liked the others as well, but those above I liked most. Any album I buy cold turkey and find that I like even half of the songs on it is a hit. This was a great purchase. Did you start this band in a garage? Last item, since I spent hard earned dollars on this in a crashing economy, tell me . . . . who is Natalie and what wouldn’t she do? M
Folklife Show May 2007
Bad Manners show
Studio Seven show with Bad Manners

Shows in London

Concorde 2 show
Concorde 2 Show
Gaz Rockin Blues

Bands we love

the Furios
These guys are great. We love playing shows with them when we get a chance.
The Toasters
If you love Ska then you love these guys.
This band is awesome. We would love a chance to play a gig with these fellas.
Deals Gone Bad
Great band out of Chicago Illinois

Links for the Band


Natalie Wouldn't Myspace site
Check our our myspace site. We always love meeting new friends.
You Tube Natalie Wouldn't Video
Some recent gig photos of Natalie Wouldn't on the road.
Youtube Natalie Wouldn't Video
Natalie Wouldn't recording in the studio.