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Initially formed by members of Moon Ska Records recording artists Easy Big Fella, Natalie Wouldn't entered the Seattle music scene in 2000. The original trio of singer-songwriters built on the initial model, added some instrumentation, went through a few changes and finally evolved into a tasty eight piece musical organization creating and performing an original blend of ska, soul and rock & roll. The current line-up of Natalie Wouldn't -

Rick Dybvad (Guitar and Vocals) formerly with Easy Big Fella,

Shawn Brockman (Sax and Vocals) formerly with Easy Big Fella and The Crawdaddies,

Former Kevin Crosby (Bass) Squirrels Alumni Member and formerly with The Crawdaddies,

David Trump (Bass)

Liam Barksdale (Lead Guitar) Formerly with Easy Big Fella

Mike Fanning (Drums) formerly with The Crawdaddies,

Sean Jensen (Sax and Vocals) Currently with the Diablotones,

Ric Penttila (Trumpet and Vocals) Formerly with the Diablotones and Easy Big Fella, and

Michael Ayer (Trombone and Vocals) Formerly with Skalami.

are a skillful and talented group of performers dedicated to writing and playing fun, high quality music. The band's top performance skills and sharp material caught more a few ears and soon Natalie Wouldn't was working in and around the Pacific Northwest area, headlining shows and warming up for well established international bands such as The English Beat, The Toasters, Bad Manners, The Slackers, Deals Gone Bad, Satori, and The Phenomenauts . Natalie Wouldn't also plays frequently at many music festivals including the Seattle Folklife Festival, Seattle Ska Fest, and the Victoria Ska Festival. In the summer of 2007, Natalie Wouldn't expanded their territory and traveled to England for a short tour of London, Reading and Brighton. Early in 2008 - at the invitation of Megalith recording artists, The Toasters - the band flew to Hollywood, California to perform at the famous '3 Floors of Ska' Festival at the historic Knitting Factory. The summer of 2008 was rapidly filling up with show after show at various music festivals and clubs in and around the Pacific Northwest. Tentative plans are in the works for a short tour of Brazil. In the summer of 2009, Natalie Wouldn't again traveled to England and toured with 2nd Time Lucky in London, Sussex Portsmouth,Horsham and Brighton. The first Natalie Wouldn't CD, 'Ska, Soul and Rock-and-Roll' was released in 2007. The 10 song CD has received rave reviews all over the world. One or more of the songs has been listed in the top 40 at noisehead.com (a popular international member driven music download and review website) every week for over a year and the friends/comments list on the Natalie Wouldn't MySpace page tells a tale of happy fans and friends the world over. The mix of songs on 'Ska, Soul and Rock-and-Roll' are crafty, memorable tunes that reflect the kind of true collaboration that happens when a band develops a sound live in rehearsal and on the stage. Natalie Wouldn't is distributing their material at www.cdbaby.com and have made their songs available for download on the web via the iTunes website in addition to the traditional merchandising at shows. Natalie Wouldn't is on the verge of going back into the studio to record a collection of new songs and is currently performing and distilling the new material destined for the studio in addition to their already established favorites. Please visit www.nataliewouldnt.com or www.myspace.com/nataliewouldnt for more information, reviews, show schedules, photos and free downloads. Band photo courtesy of sjcorbett.com

Current Line up.

Liam Barksdale- Guitar

Sean Jensen – Sax, Vox

Mike Ayer – Trombone, Vox

Ric Penttila – Trumpet, Vox

Shawn Brockman – Sax, Vox

Rick Dybvad – Guitar, Vox

Michael Fanning - Drums

David Trump - Bass

Rick Dybvad - Lead Vocals/Guitar (Front Man)

Rick Dybvad, GED & BMF; Founder and leader of third wave Moonska recording artist Easy Big Fella. Five years ago I decided to start from scratch and see if I could do it again. Surrounding myself with like-minded creative musicians, I am stoked to bring ska music to the people and have a good time doing it. Enter Natalie Wouldn't, it is the dawning of a new era..

Mike Fanning - Drums (Tadder)

Born in El Paso Tx, playing drums at an early age. Mike played with The Crawdaddies, recorded with the Squirrels, Opened for Bands such as the Crazy 8's, The Cherry Poppin daddies, Bonedaddies, The English Beat, The Slackers, Deals Gone Bad, Rice Rokit, The Toasters, and many others to name a few. The combination now with Natalie Wouldn't has proven to be one that is working well. Thanks for coming to the shows.

David Trump (Bass) - Slick

David is simply awesome. 

Shawn Brockman - Saxophone/Vocals (Mr. Bo Jangles)

Mr. Sax man. Shawn is the man on the phone. Sassy grooves and hip melodies he really know how to spice up the sound.

Kevin Crosby (former) - Bass Mr Grumpy