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Toasters Show last night, Studio 7

Posted on February 23, 2010 with 0 comments
This was a great show last night at Studio Seven with the Toasters.  The night started off with a local band called Poke Da Squid, followed by Rude Tuna. Natalie Wouldn't went on 3rd and had a great tight set that got the crowd going. Skablins were up next then Buck and the boys came out and as usual did a great show.  After the show we had a bit of time to chat with Buck and as always he is gracious, he was very pleased with the night and said he really enjoyed our set. Well Buck we really enjoyed your set thanks for the mention while on stage we are always honored to play with you when your in town.  I have to say I always love seeing Jesse Hayes on the drums. His control and stick spinning ability is amazing. He is also just a flat out smoking drummer. We also have to mention the great playing of Trumpet - Rich Graiko and Bass - Thaddeus Merritt from Westbound train that shared the stage with Buck.   Well if you missed the show we are [...]
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So before there was Natalie Wouldn't there was Easy Big Fella. These guys were great and fans still today seek them out on the net for music downloads and to watch rare video footage. Here is a great video I found today that you might like as well.



Well Sunday we normally have practice but in that Kevin couldn't make it Rick and I decided we needed to go long boarding so we grabbed our boards, helmets and gloves and headed to the UW parking Garage and had some fun on a hot late Sunday afternoon. Enjoy.

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