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We are all about having fun and making sure our fans are having even more fun. Whether we are playing in Seattle, Europe or any where else in the world it is all about SKA and our fans. Here is a recent post form noisehead "I love your stuff, especially FBI, which makes me dance laughing everytime. You guys are exactly what we were hoping for when we conjured this thing. Ten times better than anything on the radio."


Current Line up: 

Rick Dybvad (Guitar and Vocals) formerly with Easy Big Fella,

Michael Fanning (Drums/Percussion) formerly with the Crawdaddies. 

Shawn Brockman (Sax and Vocals) formerly with Easy Big Fella and The Crawdaddies,

David Trump (Bass) 

Liam Barksdale (Lead Guitar)

Ric Penttila (Trumpet and Vocals) Formerly with the Diablotones and Easy Big Fella

Sean Jensen (Sax and Vocals) Currently with the Diablotones

Michael Ayer (Trombone and Vocals) Formerly with Skalami.


Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

El Corazon

The Pietasters, with guest Natalie Wouldn't and the Sentiments - Doors open at 7:00

Seattle wa [map]
Price: $16 ADV or $18 at the door

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Europe Tour

Europe Tour June-July Dates coming

So far here are the dates, we will be updating with some more. 

Fri 28 June - Lewes

Sat 29 June - Drews wedding

Thu 4 July - Gaz’s

Soho Fri 5

July - Hootenanny Brixton

Sat 6 July - Specialised Northampton

Sun 7 July - Brighton

Fri 12 July Anchor Inn Wingham

Sat 13 July - Patchfest (daytime)

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